Surgery for a long time has been a preserve of the sick, fatally wounded or corrective medical practice. From advancement of anesthesia, micro-scalpels to perform finest of incisions to the development of computer generated analysis of medical procedures; Surgery continues to break into new frontiers.

One branch of surgery, cosmetic surgery, can attest to this fact. It is estimated that, many young women above 16 have had cosmetic surgery in developed countries. More interesting also is the fact that 75% of these women have attributed their information about the procedure to, online doctor’s consultations. These patients confirm, they met their cosmetic surgeon, online and later proceeded to have the cut. This makes SEO tips for surgeon relevant to any surgeon seeking to make a name for himself and reap the reward of a large client base.

This fact, serves as a pointer to the need for surgeons to cement their online credentials. Surgeons cannot continue to rely traditional methods of gaining clients like word of mouth any more.

With increased mobile use, mobile friendly websites are easily accessible from both desktop and mobile phone platforms. They can serve the purpose of hosting the surgeon’s services and medical tips from him. This in part, is due to certain medical websites having heavy content that can only be available in desktop and tablet versions only.

The surgeon should equally be aware that medical jargon is intimidating. They may render the website redundant to the normal individual who lacks a medical background. The secret is to use, client friendly language, easily understood, even medical terms can be simplified. The key words can be of medical procedures offered. Words such as Implants, gastric by-pass, vasectomy, are some key words a surgeon can use depending on his area of expertise. A client can comfortably search and get information about the procedure, prognosis, and even the pricing details.

A call action in the website serves to create an interactive platform, since some patients normally require information and may require privacy. The call action serves as the mode through which the surgeon and patient can link up and consult.

Lastly, surgeons given their experience in the theatre, definitely have works and journals they have authored. This makes it important to have an authorship status, where a small photograph of the author and a brief description of his work and resume are put. This in a surgical website is a confidence booster to clients who might have reservations entrusting their body to an untested surgeon.

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