Lawyers traditionally enjoyed the privilege of having conspicuous offices, or handling landmark cases that would propel them into publicity. But with a changing world, law firms haven’t been left behind. The need to get new clients has propelled the legal system to employ needed systems to get clients.One such move is the use of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) .Young law graduates to veteran law partners, have learnt that the information age is a force to reckon with. Whether, it is advertising for services, publishing of law reviews or just getting interns to apply, law firms are quickly engaging and constantly seeking SEO tips for lawyers.

The rule of thumb for any search engine, is the use of “spider” that is keyword based. When an individual types certain keywords, the spider tries to scan through millions of websites, blogs and pages that have this keyword. The result that is listed normally is based on the keywords of the article. An example is, there are frequent words used in the law fraternity like jurisdiction, defendant,plaintiff,case,these words when well structurally and effectively used, can mount to easy access to a lawyers website. Say an individual searches for “a lawyer handling misdemeanor charges”. The search engine often looks up the words “lawyers,” “misdemeanor” and “charges”. The frequency of a lawyer’s website using these words will definitely determine its listing in the results and rank on the list.

Secondly, a law firm seeking to maximise its web presence, must have well documented, stories of its landmark cases that they won, highlighting the technicalities involved and outcomes. Possibly a pictography of the case and interviews by the clients or testimonials can offer a good depiction of the law firm.

Given the need of visibility, permanent physical address details, maybe a picture or links; internal (within the website or blog) or external (from other relevant sites) to the firm through other sites, serves to optimise web presence through the searches. Say, the firm is located at a particular street in the city; searches relating to this part of the city equally pop up up the law firm. This gives it the visibility it requires.
A lawyer deserves the technical know-how on improving his electronic information highway standing. This can only be achieved using the services and input of search engine optimisation experts.

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