SEO for the interior designers is challenging. This is because it is a larger market where every designer wants to appear on the first page of search engines and in popular business listings. Usually designers do not have enough time to do online marketing as they are working around the clock to meet clients, design spaces, and oversee their contractors. Nevertheless, local SEO is necessary so as the clients can easily find you on the first page. The following are some of the tactics that will improve your rankings if you are in interior design business:

Market with the top keywords

Majority of the people market their businesses using category keyword of “Interior Designers,” but in some regions the keyword “Interior decorator” is equally popular. Therefore including that keyword in your optimization can work to your advantage. You should focus on keywords that match your particular expertise so that you can stand out from the crowd.

Add your business listing in the online directories

This is works best if your business is new. This is a must since information about your business will not magically distribute itself. It is advisable to use directories that are meant for design industry as they will be of help for your cause. In addition, if there are directories in your city, you should as well list your business there.

Company contact information

You should include the company address, name, and phone numbers in plain text on your website’s contact and home pages. This will make it easier for the search engines to crawl and verify your site that it is associated with the directory listings. This information should not be placed in images as search engines cannot easily read the content of images.

Share photos on Instagram, Flickr, and Pinterest

People usually browse these sites for ideas on inspiration, decorating and to find reputable vendors or interior designers for hire. Adding links to media or social profiles works to increase your relative popularity. You should add a link to your website for customers to locate you easily.

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