Search marketing world for the car dealers is one most challenging from the optimization perspective. This is because of stiff competition from OEMs, dealers, and 3rd party sites that are vying for top spots on number of the high value keywords. The following are some of the tips you can use give your site ability to emerge at the top:

Unique content

You should always build your pages with unique content to avoid being spammed or penalized. You should avoid overstuffing your pages with the keywords. You should be aware Bing and Google are smarter when recognizing natural and human-focused language. Just write for people and search engines will have to reward you.

Use social signals

Search engines are aware when you Tweet, Pin, Facebook, Digg, or use other social actions with your site pages. For now, Google plus is replacing other social sites in the Google’s eyes but still they are dependent on the others. It makes sense to use all the above social sites.

Build Links

Link building is regarded as a science and an art that requires more training than what can be placed in couple of paragraphs. It will be futile if you build links over and over to your site from single website or blog. Using free services such as Tumblr, blogger, and wordpress can do the trick. In addition, you should always use targeted anchor text when you are building your links.

Be on top of Greatest and Latest search trends

As you know knowledge is power. You should always work hard to improve your search engine algorithms as this will build more validation and trust of services. You can participate in discussions, webinars, and learn what is best.

Pay attention to the user experience

The behavior of your site visitors will tell you whether your site is failing or succeeding. You should always look at the bounce rate, time-on-site metrics, and top exit pages in order to identify patterns of your visitors.

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